1. Turnkey product development or prototype

Specialized in Embedded Linux related product development, Fosiao works with its hardware partners and has developed below products for its clients in USA since 2009. All clients will be able to track progress, submit bugs, view all source code, download releases etc from Fosiao’s developement portal.

  • Outdoor Wireless Mesh for a Wireless ISP(MIPS, Openwrt based)
  • SAN storage with 10Gbps throughput(PowerPC, Yocto based)
  • FIPS140-2 Video surveillance system with multiple camera support(i.MX6 ARM, Openwrt based)
  • Digital Signage Platform(ARM, Android based)
  • NAS storage for SOHO(ARM, Debian based)
  • Zigbee Gateway(ARM, Openwrt based)

2. Vertical market VAR for Robotics

Fosiao tailors solutions for the retail, healthcare, education, hospitality sectors using Android/ROS-based Humanoid Robotics.

3. Embedded Linux Consultation

Fosiao offers consultation in the areas of video surveillance, SAN/NAS storage, Wireless Router and Robotics application development, all running Embedded Linux with Openwrt, Debian or Android. We have 15+ years hands-on experience in the fields of Embedded Linux kernel, U-boot boot loader, BSP bring up, hardware schematic review, network protocol stack, real-time application etc. We also have the know-how about integrating the embedded devices with cloud API(AWS and Google cloud).

4. Training
Fosiao provides training to its clients including Embedded Linux development, Robotic application development and New Product Introduction on a per-needed basis.

If you need help on Embedded Linux related product development, be it a turnkey product, a prototype, or just consultation please feel free to contact us.