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1. Humanoid Robot: Sanbot

Fosiao LLC is a strategic partner for Sanbot humanoid robot. We provide Sanbot software development at our Austin,TX office.

Sanbot is an open platform for Robotics as a Service (RAAS). It is a highly advanced mobile computing system with multiple humanoid sensors and actuators that allows its customers to develop their own application and use it to increase ROI(Return on Investment) quickly.

Fosiao LLC has been leveraging Sanbot‘s RAAS platform to offer two solutions for customers in USA.

  • Sanbot MPMS(Digital Signage System)
  • Sanbot RDA (Remote Digital Assistant)

Please visit our online store for a free evaluation of the software on Sanbot Robots.

2. Video Conference Robot: Padbot

Fosiao LLC works with its partner to bring a cost-effective video conference (Telepresence) Robot into USA market.

Note: This website is being migrated from the old site and more products will be added to this page and the online store in the next few weeks.