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Fosiao LLC is a strategic partner and USA distributor for Sanbot humanoid robot. We provide Sanbot solution development and full customer support for Sanbot from our Austin,TX headquarter.

Sanbot is an open platform for Robotics as a Service (RAAS). It is a highly advanced mobile computing system with multiple humanoid sensors and actuators that allows its customers to develop their own application and use it to increase ROI(Return on Investment) quickly.

Sanbot is a fully ready solution for business and home use. It is shipping in volume in both Europe and China and is the only large-sized Robotic platform does that. It has been tested in the field with tens of thousands deployments. Sanbot is also actively pushing into north America and other markets with many samples shipped already.

Fosiao LLC has been leveraging Sanbot‘s RAAS platform to develop two solutions for customers in USA.

  • Sanbot MPMS(a Digital Signage System)
  • Sanbot RDA (Remote Digital Assistant)

Fosiao LLC is actively exploring other applications and is ready to assist you with these two Sanbot solutions. You can get these two turnkey-solutions from Fosiao LLC with full customer support. Please contact us.

If you want to develop your own application, you can purchase Sanbot with factory warranty and USA-based support provided by Fosiao LLC.

For detailed case study, hardware specification, Sanbot‘s Android SDK for application development,etc, please visit Sanbot‘s website at http://sanbot.com